DWR Dressage provides a full range of riding and equestrian services. Whether you are a novice rider or have ridden horses your whole life, you'll find there is always something new to learn and do as a horse owner and rider.



All horses coming into the training program will be introduced to ground work and lunging, focusing on balance, connection, and obedience. As well as training under saddle.

Each has an individual training program based on each ones fittness/ experience, and goals.


Dona has been actively teaching and training strictly in Dressage for over thirty years. She holds a special passion for teaching riders who are serious about learning and love the process of developing their skills in partnership with their horse. She works with all levels, beginners up through FEI, and ages (her oldest client just turned eighty and is still actively eventing) in many disciplines as Dressage, Hunter, Jumpers, Eventing and those just wanting to improve their flatwork and riding balance.

A Dressage lesson with Dona can be intense, but there is always time for laughter and fun as horse, rider, and instructor work together. Dona has the ability to understand from the ground, what both the horse and rider are feeling. Using an empathetic approach, she is able to help sudents progress while also being an advocate for the horse, helping them feel confident in their role as well. The goal being that when lessons are done, both rider and horse feel positive about their work!

DWR Dressage offers only full care board with a lesson requirement of 3 per month, not included in boarding fee.

Lessons- private, on and off property. Contact for pricing.

Boarding includes daily stall cleaning, turnout weather permitting, feed twice a day, quality hay, administered supplements provided by owner, blanketing, and application/removal of turn out boots.

Other services available, inquire about pricing.

Offered Services