A USDF Bronze, Silver and halfway to Gold medalist, Dona has studied and trained with Karl Mikolka, Gunnar Ostergaard, Franz Rochowansky, Pat Smelter, Sharon and Grant Schneidman, Barbara Strawson and George Williams.  She has also ridden in several clinics with Gabrielle Grillo, Michael Klimke, Barbie Ulbrich, George Heiser, Hubert Rohrer, Nicole Uphoff-Selke and Rebecca Langwost. She has ridden, trained and competed through FEI. Dona still competes, gives clinics as well as regular lessons, and judges at local, unrated Dressage Schooling Shows and Combined Tests. She has been active in teaching Dressage to the local Pony Club chapter in her previous area, as well as judging some Pony Club Dressage Rallies.

Personal life stuff below

DWR Dressage, Dressage instructor and trainer Dona Ruth, relocated to Kentucky from Maryland, October of 2016. Dona was running a very busy Sport Horse/Dressage training and boarding facility in Maryland, but secondary to her husband having a change in his career path, their family moved to the Bowling Green area.

DWR Dressage strives for an atmosphere of learning, fun, and growth, through education in a supportive, relaxed, structured environment. Her clientele include riders participating in dressage, eventing, hunters, fox hunting and many have no specific discipline, but want to improve in their flatwork and training of their horse.

Dona is a complete horsewoman, with training and managing experiences in Western, Hunters, TB training and other facets of horse training. She has been riding, training, instructing and competing in Dressage for over 35 years, has been a critical care nurse for over 22 years, a wife and a mother of one son.

About Dona Ruth